Steps for Establishing a Club

Constitution drafted and lodged with Incorporated Societies after approved
Club registered with Incorporated Societies
Club registered with Inland Revenue including application for tax free status
Register Club with Rowing New Zealand as an approved affiliated club and club identity number allocated eg TGSR
Colours approved by Rowing New Zealand
Register Club as an affiliate of the ARA
Obtain rowIT log on so regatta entries can be made

Operating Requirements

Seed funding to start the club
Register rowers with Rowing New Zealand
Secure premises & negotiate lease on financially viable terms
Open bank account
Finance policy developed – minimum 2 signatories for approving payments, major expenditure approved in advance
Expense Reimbursement policy – expenses approved before incurring and standard form used to which receipts are attached
Fund raising initiatives to purchase plant – boats, boat trailer, coach boats etc

Steps for Establishing a School

In order to compete in the North Island, South Island and National School Champs a school needs to be a member of the NZ Secondary School Rowing Association.
The principal will need to complete the membership form and return this to Rowing NZ.
Rowing NZ will then set the school up in the RNZ system and the school will be invoiced for the membership fee which is $160 per school per year.

The school needs to determine what uniform their rowing team will be wearing and have it approved. The uniform which is assessed is just the top half, as that is what officials see while rowing. The design needs to be unique to the school but also distinctive from other schools (which can be the tricky part).  The other approved colours can be found here:

More information can be found at: