The Auckland Pathway

Baby Blues Programme

The purpose of the Baby Blues Programme is to encourage as many year 10 and year 11 Auckland based rowers and coxswains to experience rowing outside of their own school or club and learn new skills and form new friendships in a fun, engaging and social environment.

The camps are designed to introduce new skills and learnings that can be utilised over the next school season. Those involved will also have the opportunity to row in boat classes that they may not have tried before in a fun and enjoyable setting.

Light Blues Programme

The Light Blues Programme (Year 12 Blues) is a development programme for rowers and coxswains in Year 12 of school in the Auckland region. Those involved in the programme will attend four development camps hosted at rowing clubs around Auckland, where they will be able to build upon their skills, take away new learnings and meet and form friendships with rowers from other schools.

This programme will also provide; introductory strength and conditioning sessions where those involved will learn basic fundamental skills that will be useful as they progress in their rowing journey, coxswain development, as well as insight and tools on how to navigate life as a high performance athlete.

This programme will operate like a “rep-team”, so we are looking for athletes who are looking to progress their development and have future aspirations of making Auckland regional or New Zealand representative teams.

Another purpose of this programme is to select an Under-20 Interprovincial Squad to represent the Auckland region at the Interprovincial Championships in late September 2024.

Auckland Regional Hub

The Auckland Regional Hub operates to support athletes in the region who have been named on Rowing NZ’s Pathway.

These athletes, along with a wider group of identified athletes, will be provided with S&C, nutrition and physiological testing support as well as financial support subsidising rowing costs. Specific athletes within this group will also be supported to compete at the RNZ Winter Performance Regatta.

Auckland Hub athletes and the wider group of identified athletes will be contacted in mid / late-May with the relevant details.

Athletes who are not named on RNZ’s Pathway but are looking to further their development should be rowing out of an Auckland Club this winter. If you are still looking to join a Club for this winter then the ARA can help you find a suitable one – contact Sachin, [email protected].

All Auckland athletes will be eligible to nominate for the Auckland Interprovincial Team which will be racing in September 2024 – Details about this campaign will come out shortly.