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Year 12 Blues Programme

The Year 12 Blues Programme (formally Light Blues) is a development programme for rowers and coxswains in Year 12 of school in the Auckland region. Those involved in the programme will attend three development camps hosted at rowing clubs around Auckland, where they will be able to build upon their skills, take away new learnings and meet and form friendships with rowers from other schools.

This programme will also provide; introductory strength and conditioning sessions where those involved will learn basic fundamental skills that will be useful as they progress in their rowing journey, coxswain development, coach development and guest speakers from current and former elite/Olympic rowers who will share their experiences and insight.

Another purpose of this programme is to select an Under-20 Interprovincial Squad to represent the Auckland region.

There is a cost of $50 to participate in the Year 12 Blues Programme.

Further information will be provided upon selection into the programme.

Camp 1: Sunday 12th June, 7:00am – 2:30pm at North Shore Rowing Club.

Camp 2: Sunday 3rd July, 7:00am – 2:30pm at Mercer Rowing Club.

Camp 3: Sunday 17th July, 7:00am – 2:30pm at Auckland Rowing Club.

Camp 4: Sunday 7th August, 7:00am – 2:30pm at Auckland Rowing Club.

Year 12 Blues Programme Nominations

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Year 12 Blues Programme Nominations close 20th May 2022.