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This squad is for Year 13 Athletes and Club Athletes.

The Auckland RPC Blues Squad is the name given to our RPC trial prep squad. These are athletes who show the potential to be successful at RPC Trials in September and go on to make NZ Teams.

This squad is only for athletes who are in training to trial for the ARPC in 2019.

They train under the RPC banner starting between May each year until the RPC Trials in September.

Blues Squad 2019 Information

Nominations for 2019 have now closed

Please used the Blues Squad Nomination Form on this website.


We have two training bases for the Blues Squad

Waitemata RC                      For West Auckland and North Shore based athletes

Auckland RC                         For South, Central, East Auckland based athletes

All Blues athletes train at Waitemata RC on Saturday’s

The club and university athletes train approximately 8-12 times per week (closer to the actual RPC Training Volume). The school leavers train between 5 – 8 times per week so they can achieve their school work needs and still prepare for the RPC Trials.

It is certainly possible for School Leavers to train and be successfully selected into the RPC Programme – But you do need to be committed.


This program is for Year 13 and Club Athletes.

Athletes in this squad are expected to train to a very high standard and performance.

Total commitment to training is expected.

It is for self-motivated and mature athletes who have made the choice to push for NZ Teams.

This is only for athletes who have made a commitment to trial for the ARPC and row for New Zealand.